NRMCA stakes pavement promotion on interactive ‘Pave Ahead’ portal

Sources: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Spring, Md.; CP staff

NRMCA has launched an educational campaign and website to assist the industry, policy makers and other stakeholders when deciding how to pave with safety, reliability, sustainability and cost in mind; and, provide a portal to the association’s no-fee “pavement design center.”

Stressing logistics and efficiency, Pave Ahead employs an “assistance team” to help users develop project pavement designs, select materials, locate contractors, and consult with industry specialists. The site will offer a variety of resources, articles, and testimonials relating to ready mixed concrete and cast-in-place methods.

“Pave Ahead takes advocacy and turns it functional,” says NRMCA President Robert Garbini. “With the website’s design center, we’re not just offering information. We’re offering actual services, actual solutions. The idea behind Pave Ahead isn’t to sell more concrete. Concrete sells itself. Instead, we are connecting our expertise and our experts to decision-makers in the marketplace so that they might better understand the paving options available to them before they make a significant investment they might come to regret.”

Pave Ahead highlights concrete’s advantages as a roadway and paving construction material. Mostly known for its utility in highway and airport projects, concrete has seen a recent uptick in parking lot and street construction, plus an as an overlay material for worn out asphalt. As state and national lawmakers look to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, NRMCA notes, the Pave Ahead team will be ready to work with any elected official or developer looking to ensure their roads last for generations.