Kryton hardens admixture portfolio in Cementec Industries deal

Sources: Kryton International Inc., Vancouver, B.C.; CP staff

Concrete waterproofing specialist Kryton has acquired Calgary-based Cementec Industries Inc., which supplies silica fume and Hard-Cem, an integral hardening admixture whose abrasion and erosion resistant properties can reportedly extend structures’ service life up to six times that of plain concrete. Cementec slab and infrastructure solutions can be used with the Krystol Internal Membrane system to provide what Kryton officials dub “Smart Concrete solutions,” saving time, eliminating exposure to silica dust and providing increased design flexibility.

“Hard-Cem and silica fume will extend our product offerings in integral concrete durability, erosion and abrasion protection. We intend to be a go-to solutions provider to an industry that is increasingly concerned about protecting and extending the lifespan of concrete structures,” says Kryton Vice President of Product Development Kevin Yuers.

“This is a perfect match of expertise and a shared mission in providing unique solutions, exemplary customer service and market leadership,” affirms Cementec President Farid Remtulla. “Kryton will offer global exposure for Cementec products.”