Pervious properties promote preservation

Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete Inc. recently partnered with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) and Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG) to replace a District site’s conventional foundation and walkway slabs with Filtercrete pervious concrete. The sustainable pavement solution allows water to filter through to the subbase and ground, removes pollutants, and helps prevent local flooding.

CPAG and FPDCC approached the producer for assistance as a result of similar projects involving Urban Habitat Chicago (UHC), whose students were trained as pervious concrete technicians on a Filtercrete path at the District’s Camp Sullivan. The training requires students to score 70 or higher on a test, and participate in a hands-on pervious concrete placement. Once both parameters are met, students receive a laminated wall certificate and wallet card showing they are Ozinga Filtercrete Certified Installers.

In the most recent project, Ozinga RMC delivered 12 yd. of integrally colored Filtercrete mixes, while UHC provided a professionally trained crew, assisted by students and volunteers. The late-summer effort afforded students workforce training and involvement in FPDCC properties.

“The most exciting part was watching students take control of the jobsite, find the best roles for each individual, and work together to ensure a successful Filtercrete placement,” says Ozinga Sustainability and Compliance Associate Nathan Onchuck. “Their pride in being a part of an art project that will be on display for all who visit the FPDCC was evident in the quality of their work and positive attitudes.”