Oldcastle Precast accelerates bridge delivery with early P-T placement

Oldcastle Precast Idaho Falls teamed with Bonneville Power Administration, HK Contractors and Bryant Greene Concrete to replace a bridge at the entrance to Pine Basin Camp in Swan Valley, Idaho. Condemned in fall 2016, the existing structure was the only access to the youth camp and a critical link to canyon-routed electrical systems serving Swan Valley plus the neighboring towns of Victor and Driggs.


As a part of the Oldcastle Precast Rocky Mountain Region, which excels in Transportation, Energy, Communications and Water sectors, the Idaho Falls plant was well suited to deliver a bridge for a customer like the Bonneville Power Administration. PHOTOS: Oldcastle Precast

After reviewing engineering and construction options, Bonneville Power selected precast concrete components for a replacement bridge. The new crossing was designed with a span outside the length of standard precast slabs or box beams. Oldcastle Precast engineers partnered with VSL Structural Technologies to create a custom solution for which plant crews would install post tensioning cables during production of five 64-in. wide, 24-in. thick, 45-ft. long members. Once delivered to the Pine Basin site, beams were set on cast-in-place abutments and crews post-tensioned the cables—equipping the bridge for an extended service life.

“Custom and standardized designs, accelerated construction schedules and pre-fabricated parts are key components of this project [and] allowed everyone to work quickly and efficiently,” says Oldcastle Precast Sales Representative Dana Yost.