California State University, Chico CIM director earns top ASTM award

Sources: ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa.; CP staff

California State University, Chico Assistant Professor of Engineering Feraidon Ataie, Ph.D. has been named ASTM 2017 Professor of the Year, recognizing the contributions of educators in developing students’ understanding of standards. He joined the faculty in 2014 and has been the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) programs director since 2015.

“Dr. Ataie’s use of ASTM standards in the classroom showcases the value of standards and the development process. I am confident his students will make many contributions through ASTM over the course of their careers,” says ASTM International President Katharine Morgan.

“Besides educating CIM students about concrete in the classroom, Dr. Ataie has developed into a leader within our industry,” adds Dana Davis, president of Sacramento-based Teichert Materials, a CIM patron. “He provides an engaging environment in the classroom and exposes undergraduates to all aspects of our industry—blending his technical knowledge, field experience, and research skills into the classroom and laboratory.”

Dr. Ataie incorporates ASTM standards into his concrete courses and developed a full-day workshop on volumetric mixes for the 2017 World of Concrete. He received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Kabul University, Afghanistan, in 2006, and went on to Kansas State University to earn master’s (2010) and doctoral (2013) degrees in civil engineering.