Heavy-duty gantry cranes

Shuttlelift has added the DB90 and DB165 models to its double-beam, rubber-tired gantry crane series, citing demand in the concrete and steel industries, where operators seek innovative lifting solutions for products or vessels of increasing scale. Both machines are equipped with remote diagnostics, intelligent operating systems and other features designed to maximize uptime.

“We have been receiving numerous requests from customers, especially within the precast concrete market, for machines with the capability to carry loads ranging between the industry norms of 70 tons and 110 tons,” says Shuttlelift Director of Industrial Sales Kurt Minten. “With the additional weight of a spreader assembly, the DB90 becomes a more economical solution.”

The introduction and design of the DB90 gantry crane provides a solution to customers who have load sizes between the DB70 (140,000-lb. capacity) and DB110 (220,000-lb. capacity) machines. The larger DB165 is designed with concrete and steel operators in mind. Continued increases in load size have spurred requests for a crane with capacity exceeding the Shuttlelift DB150 (300,000-lb. capacity). The DB165 fills such need and, like companion models, can shoulder rated capacity along the full crane width.

Continued development of new crane technology, coupled with the DB90 and DB165 additions, equips Shuttlelift to adapt to industry demands and continue tailoring machines to meet customers’ exact specifications, company officials note. www.shuttlelift.com