Clark Pacific triples southern California production footprint with new plant

Sources: Clark Pacific, West Sacramento, Calif.; CP staff

Amid higher student housing, parking structure and office building demand, Clark Pacific has opened a second precast/prestressed concrete site in southern California. The new Adelanto plant is about 50 miles north of an existing Fontana operation, east of Los Angeles, and expands the producer’s fabrication and yard scope in the region to 135-plus acres.

“[The] plant allows us to better serve the southern California market with our singular approach to construction,” says Clark Pacific President Donald Clark. “We are changing the face of construction by moving work that is normally done at the project site to our nearby factories, where we can safely produce high-quality building products for projects throughout the region.”

Citing a significant construction market labor shortage which sees even well-managed projects running over budget and behind schedule, he adds, Clark Pacific’s design-build model and prefabricated building systems provide owners cost and delivery certainty, along with high quality, resilient facilities. The producer partners with construction owners and design-build teams to develop and deliver prefabricated building system strategies for commercial and institutional projects of any size and complexity across California.

Clark Pacific has brought 40 new manufacturing and engineering jobs to the Adelanto community and plans to hire 30 more employees by year-end. Between West Sacramento (headquarters) and Woodland plants in northern California, along with the Adelanto and Fontana satellites, Clark Pacific has more than 300 industrial acres and a payroll north of 900 in the Golden State.