Brass hot water meter

The concrete batch plant-suited WM-NLCH Series lead-free brass hot water (up to 194°F) meter features what product engineers note is a user friendly, multi-jet totalizing design. Available in ½- to 2-in. line sizes with NPT end connections, it is equipped with a removable and cleanable strainer at measuring chamber inlet.

Consistent with the multi-jet measurement principle, water flows through the WM-NLCH meter’s strainer into the measuring chamber where it drives the impeller, which in turn drives the mechanical register dials by means of a magnetic coupling. The impeller is the only moving part in contact with water, resulting in long life and consistently reliable operation. An easy-to-read register displays U.S. gallons.

WM-NLCH is designed to accommodate the addition of a dry contact reed switch pulse output. The pulse output switch installs simply with one screw; two pegs on the switch insert into two holes on the face of the meter to ensure proper positioning over the correct dial needle. Pulse output is commonly used for system automation, remote meter reading, or adding a resettable batch total to a totalizer only meter.

Constructed in conformance with AWWA C708 and NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G standards, the WM-NLCH Series conforms with lead-free plumbing as defined by California and other states plus current U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act language. Accessory items for the WM-NLCH Series include check valves to prevent the backward flow of fluid through the meter, which protects the meter as well as upstream water from any contamination introduced downstream from the device. — Assured Automation, Clark, N.J., 800/899-0553 or 732/381-2255;