Aluminum rail jib cranes

AL Systems Aluminum Rail Jib Cranes (250 lbs. and 500 lbs.) are lightweight, in stock and available with spans up to 15 feet. They suit areas underneath bridge cranes or those serving multiple workstations, plus machining and assembly spaces where several cranes might overlap, providing more extensive coverage.

With lightweight track profiles, AL Cranes are easily configured; their anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails maximize strength and exhibit long-term durability. Their articulating mode means they are free moving; do not require movement at right angles; and, provides smooth operation and a low starting force even when the load is at the end of the bridge. In addition, anti-kick up nylon wheels deliver smooth and safe movement of the trolley inside the enclosed rail. The exclusive T-Slot design for splicing two pieces of rail eases integration of such equipment as lifters and end-effectors, chain hoists or smart lifters, while also eliminating bumps when a load is moved over track splices. — Engineered Material Handling, Valley City, Ohio, 330/220-8600;