Abrasion-resistant pipe

The company behind Hardox steel plate used for aggregate bins, concrete mixer drums and other equipment in high abrasion conditions has added Duroxite 100 to its overlay pipe offerings. Duroxite is manufactured by welding chromium-rich, abrasion-resistant materials inside a mild steel pipe. Carbides with a typical hardness of 1700 HK (Knoop micro hardness) are dispersed in a ductile eutectic austenite matrix.

Consistent wear properties are guaranteed throughout the pipe down to 75 percent of the overlay thickness as opposed to just the overlay surface. The remaining 25 percent is the transition layer necessary to maintain good base plate bonding. An optimal carbide composition ensures homogenous bonding between the base metal and overlay—adding to high wear resistance and long service life.

Duroxite 100 Pipe is available in 6- to 36-in. diameters, plus multiple dimensions and shapes. Lengths can be cut to order and ends can have custom-made flanges for installation in existing equipment. Pipe can also be ordered with square-to-round transitions, elbows, T or Y-shaped connections or as long sweeps. Standard Schedule 40 and 80 pipes can also be delivered with hardfacing, which can substantially increase the service life over that expected from the Schedule 40 and 80 pipes alone. — Hardox Wearparts, www.hardoxwearparts.com