Caterpillar aligns with brick-laying robotics specialist

A memorandum of understanding positions Caterpillar Inc. and Australia-based Fastbrick Robotics to collaborate on development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of the latter company’s bricklaying technology. Effective for 12 months, it will see Caterpillar take a $2 million stake in Fastbrick Robotics, potentially followed by an additional $8 million investment.


The Hadrian X machine can build a standard sized home every 2 days. In the right environment and working 24/7, this number could be between 100 and 300 homes per year per machine. IMAGES: Fastbrick Hadrian X video; July 2017 investor presentation

A strategic alliance board of Caterpillar and Fastbrick representatives is tasked with a) developing the framework for collaboration; b) determining how best to offer the bricklaying technology to Caterpillar construction customers; and, c) considering the most appropriate and most profitable business models to apply in each country, state and region.

“Caterpillar is a globally recognized industry leader, and we look forward to collaborating with the company and uniting our teams to share ideas, pursue innovation and explore opportunities to commercialize our unique technology,” says Fastbrick Robotics Managing Director Mike Pivac.

From the computer-aided design of a structure, the Fastbrick Robotics’ revolutionary Hadrian X bricklaying machine handles the automatic loading, cutting, routing and placement of all bricks, course by course. No human hands need to touch a brick during the process. The machine is capable of laying 1 x 15 SBE (Standard Brick Equivalent) block every 20-30 seconds; 1,000+ SBE per hour. Although the machines can lay nearly every type of brick manufactured around the world, Fastbrick Robotics’ target is 150+ Super Bricks per hour, which are equal to 15+ SBEs in size.