Re-dispersable polymer powder anchors semi-flexible waterproofing mortars

Global color and specialty chemicals producer Archroma bills Mowilith Powder 2702 re-dispersible polymer powder (RDP) as a ground-breaking innovation to support “highly-practical and sustainable 1K (one-component) premium-performance waterproofing mortars.”

Powder 2702 cost-effectively improves the key properties of cement-based formulations, such as adhesion and hydrophobicity (water repellence), product developers contend, and achieves higher performance in comparison to both traditional 2K (two-component) systems and other polymers available for waterproofing mortars. Compared to existing polymers, it also delivers semi-flexibility, which results in less mortar cracking and better overall 1K system sealing performance.

A pre-packed 1K dry-mix mortar with Powder 2702 offers a combination of performance, handling and sustainability-related benefits that set it apart from standard 2K systems based on dry mortar and a liquid dispersion, Archroma reports. It requires only water to be added to the dry component at the worksite to achieve a mortar with the desired consistency for easier user application. Owing to the RDP properties, the mortar can be re-dispersed after contact with water for later use. As water is easy to dose, particularly with a pre-supplied dosage recipient, this also creates less potential for user error.

The advanced 1K option has environmental and logistic-related benefits over a 2K system, Archroma notes: From a packaging perspective, only one plastic packet of dry fillers is needed per box instead of a dry mix bag and a liquid bag. This lessens the amount of plastic and content weight is reduced by up to 30 percent. By enabling a smaller box size, less warehouse storage space is needed. In addition, a purely dry-mix package is easier and safer to transport than liquid contents.

Mowilith Powder 2702-dosed mortar can be applied over concrete, masonry, cement-based materials and ceramic surfaces in wet and wettable areas; buried structures such as tanks and pools; internal and external walls; plus, underground foundations and baseboards. The product meets requirements attending potable water storage structures. — Archroma Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Reinach, Switzerland,