Quartz, binders make good recipe for Rugged Concrete counter

Los Angeles-based quartz surface specialist Caesarstone USA Inc. has added a never-before-seen finish to its Classico collection. Rugged Concrete presents what product developers call “a medium gray base camouflaged by billows of white with a masculine energy that exudes confidence, competence and fortitude.”

“Rugged Concrete will offer a clean, industrial look, perfect for modern spaces,” says Caesarstone USA Vice President of Marketing Nick Harris. “We are excited to see the way this color option will completely transform different spaces whether it’s used as a countertop surface, wall paneling, furniture or in other creative ways.”

Caesarstone casts 5.5- x 10-ft. slabs, ¾- or 1.25-in. thick, from mixes bearing up to 93 percent quartz plus resin and proprietary binders. Finished surfaces are non-porous plus heat, stain and scratch resistant.