Lanxess signature Bayferrox yellow, red and black pigments have been recertified for pre-consumer recycled iron oxide content from California-based SCS Global Services, a global leader in independent, third-party environmental certification, auditing, testing and standards development. Lanxess first achieved certification in 2014, and remains the only iron oxide pigments producer to hold such accreditation. SCS verified up to 92 percent recycled content in yellow, red and black Bayferrox iron oxide pigments. Specifying them with SCS certification for coloring concrete or other materials used in buildings allows project teams to factor the pigments when calculating a project’s overall recycled content volume.

“Our customers who have a LEED-driven purchasing strategy will benefit from this certification, while supporting a more sustainable environment,” says Hans-Peter Baldus, head of Lanxess Inorganic Pigments, Americas region. “In locations like North America, Brazil and Europe, this is an important driver in the construction market.”

To ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of iron oxide red pigments, he adds, Lanxess invested in the construction of a new production site in Ningbo, China, whose patented process is designed to exceed the latest environmental standards in yellow-cast red pigment production. All Lanxess Inorganic Pigments production network sites are based on processes subject to uniform health, safety, environmental and quality directives, and carry ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.