JEL ramps up batch plant production with new Milwaukee operation

JEL Manufacturing LLC has relocated from its charter Wisconsin site to a Milwaukee facility 25 miles away, eyeing increased ready mixed or precast concrete batch plant production capacity and offerings. The company began manufacturing bulk material handling equipment in 2013, and two years later expanded into modular and stationary concrete plant models. Mobile plant designs on deck for later this year are intended to be towable, pre-wired, and pre-plumbed.


JEL iii preferred crop

JEL officials note that demand for their equipment is underscored by “simple, adaptable, customer-focused designs and common parts that are readily available—making [plants] affordable to buy, maintain and operate.”

The Milwaukee location is well suited for concrete equipment due to its size, configuration and high lifting capacities, its previous occupant a major mining and crushing equipment manufacturer. “Our designs are no longer limited by the size and weight restrictions presented by our former facility,” says JEL Chief Engineer Roger Gladen. “It has been a natural progression for us. We have been able to do some pretty good sized stationary plants, but until now [un]able to get serious about the mobile or central mix market because we couldn’t lift the heavier portable equipment.”

He attributes increased business supporting the relocation and capacity expansion to JEL’s three unique concrete plant lines, noting, “I expected a strong demand for the Acumulator, our version of the typical concrete plant, but we have a need to set up independent production areas for our BudgetBatch and Decumulator concrete plants. People seem to like the low profile, high-production design of our Decumulator, while the BudgetBatch appeals to producers with future expansion in mind.”

Formed by a group of experienced concrete plant professionals with an established history of sales, design and manufacturing, Gladen adds, JEL has also been able to tap into Milwaukee’s world-class workforce of skilled tradesmen. The company has thus far enlisted metal fabricators, welders and other shop professionals in an overall effort to improve production, efficiency and equipment quality. The addition of more specialty capital equipment is expected to drive a need for talented workers.JEL Manufacturing LLC, 262/223-3205;