Hughes Bros. deal brings Owens Corning division concrete-grade FRP

Sources: Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio; CP staff

Owens Corning Infrastructure Solutions has acquired Aslan FRP, the concrete reinforcement business of Nebraska-based Hughes Brothers, Inc. Aslan produces and markets glass and carbon FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) products, also known as composite rebar, used to reinforce concrete in new or retrofit projects.

Composite rebar is a compelling alternative to steel reinforcement, Owens Corning notes, with advantages including corrosion resistance, improved durability, lighter weight, installation ease, greater tensile strength and long service life. Roads, bridges, marine structures, buildings and tunnels, moreover, represent an important area of focus for growth. “The addition of Aslan FRP broadens our portfolio of composite solutions and adds new products that enhance the performance of concrete structures,” says Owens Corning, Infrastructure General Manager John Amonett.

“Owens Corning’s extensive portfolio and experience, combined with the company’s focus on infrastructure reinforcements, makes it the ideal owner to move the Aslan FRP business forward,” adds Hughes Bros. President John Hughes, noting that the transaction allows his company to sharpen its focus on serving the high voltage transmission and distribution market.