Protective liners lengthen pipe, structure service life

Sure-Grip Liners extend the life of tanks, pipes and other structures by combining thermoplastics’ flexibility and chemical resistance with the strength of concrete, thereby providing long-term protection. The product suits new cast-in-place construction, rehabilitation projects, plus pipe, manholes and other precast elements. Liners with V-shaped 13-mm tall Ultra Grip anchors are designed for concrete structures subject to high groundwater backpressure; Sure-Grip with 19-mm tall anchors are geared to rehabilitation of structures requiring a thicker grout layer.

The protective liners are easily fabricated to the shape of the concrete structures on-site. They are mounted to the formwork quickly and safely by means of end profiles and tear-off profiles. After the concrete sets, the protective liner system is extrusion welded to provide a leak-proof solution. By using this installation method, liners and the formwork can be erected at the same time.

Liners are available in a variety of resin (HDPE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE), thicknesses and sheet/roll dimensions. SureFit options include an anti-skid surface for floors, coextruded signal layer for damage detection, and self-cleaning surface for reduced sedimentation in pipe inverts. — Agru America Inc., Georgetown, S.C., 800/373-2478;