Glen-Gery clips adhered veneer installation time with StoneFit

Wyomissing, Pa.-based hard surface specialist Glen-Gery Corp. bills StoneFit with DryFit Technology as an innovative cladding solution whose tongue and groove panels interlock stone pieces together without the use of mortar. The panels are mechanically secured with attachment brackets that can be drilled directly into structural sheathing, regardless of stud location. The brackets assist in creating a water management system and net high wind load resistance. The tongue and groove system is dual-purpose: It interlocks panels together and eliminates wall vibration.

Glen-Gery backs StoneFit with a 50-year warranty. In addition to Maple Ridge (below), the unit is available in Glacier Frost, shown above within the StoneFit Wall System against the Drainage Mat and Weather-Resistive Barrier.

The panels are part of Glen-Gery’s new StoneFit Wall System, presented as the first complete stone drainage assembly that includes a custom engineered starter angle and branded Weather-Resistive Barrier and Drainage Mat. The former is a non-woven building wrap that helps deflect water and wind-driven rain, yet is designed to breathe to assist trapped moisture vapor to escape and help walls dry faster. It functions as a water-resistive and air barrier in accordance with the International Building, Residential and Energy Codes.

An engineered drainage and ventilation mat for all sidewall applications, including manufactured brick and stone, the Glen-Gery Drainage Mat creates a rain screen concept without the cavity wall cost. It also helps neutralize outer and inner wall air pressure differences, greatly reducing the opportunity for moisture to infiltrate the wall system.

StoneFit has debuted with Tightstack profile in two colors: Maple Ridge, an earth tone brown to tan range, and Glacier Frost, a subtle blue to gray tone. Color coordinating starter angles and matching accessories are also available in colors complementing the stone.

“StoneFit can be installed year-round, in half the time of conventional adhered veneer products, which reduces cost and opens up new channels for our distribution network,” says Glen-Gery Stone Product Manager Chuck Baer.