Electronic poke vibrators

The quiet Vektor 12K electronic pokers provide high centrifugal force, making them suitable for use across high-to-low slump concrete applications, and are available in two versions: Standard model equipped with a 16-ft. hose for vibrating concrete walls, bridges and beams, plus de-vibrated E-version specifically designed for flooring applications.

All models feature a high-frequency motor-in-head poker and built-in frequency converter (60 to 220 Hz), which allows them to be plugged directly into a standard 115 V wall socket. At 12 times the unit’s diameter and a 12,000-vpm frequency, the Vektor series features an expansive radius of action and requires fewer insertions—netting greater productivity and faster job completion.

A key element is the poker head design, anchored by a silent electric induction motor that drives a one-piece copper helical rotor. For added protection, vital components are housed within a hardened steel tube. In addition, the design provides less resistance when the machine starts and operates at full capacity. This results in reduced power consumption, whereby the poker can run using a small generator.

Quality, low-maintenance and oil-lubricated roller bearings ensure the life of the poker head is extended compared to conventional greased-for-life bearings. For additional efficiency, all models are equipped with a rebar blockage prevention feature that monitors the poker’s current draw and adjusts the poker head’s amplitude to avoid jamming inside cages.

Both the operator and machine are protected through a number of internal safety features located within the converter box. “Say there is an on-site power outage, the poker will immediately stop,” notes Chicago Pneumatic Concrete Equipment Product Manager Darrell Engle. “If left unattended, it will not restart until the operator manually activates the one-push start button. This provides an added safety function when working on scaffolding, where an automatically restarted vibrator could fall and cause injuries.” — Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment, www.cp.com