Big board Premier model joins Besser Servopac family

A decade after delivering the charter model of its next generation of Servo hydraulic concrete block and paver machines—each suited to legacy or competitor molds and delivering quick mold and height changes plus adjustments at the push of a button—Besser Co. has rounded out the Servopac family with its biggest offering.

Servopac Premier


Servopac Select

Servopac Classic

Running 1,400- x 1,200-mm boards, the Servopac Premier is completely engineered and manufactured in the United States, including parts. Besser engineers are in the final stages of testing the inaugural machine before dispatching it to the first Premier user—a concrete masonry producer yet to be announced. The model is designed for production versatility, ease of operation, and simple maintenance. Mold and height changes are completed in 15 minutes or less. A smart design equates to readily accessible or easily removable parts as maintenance and replacement schedules require. The Premier uses table/impact vibration with servo driven independent amplitude and frequency control, molding product from 1 to 20 in. (25–500 mm).

The machine joins the Select and Classic models, each molding 1- to 12-in. (25- to 300-mm) product. The Servopac Select (formerly known as the LT and Megapac, eight at-a-time, shipped to a producer in China) can replace an existing machine and rest on its foundation. It enables complete mold and height change in 15 minutes or under 30 minutes when including the agitator grid and cut off bar. The vibration system utilizes two servo motors, which provide vibration frequency and amplitude control. Synchronized vibration nets precise, high-quality products, cycle after cycle, with reduced mold wear and increased speed. The Servopac Select is available in three, four or eight-at-a-time models.

Introduced in 2007 and operating throughout the world, the Servopac Classic can be used equally well in new installations or to replace existing machines and rest on their foundations. It enables mold and height changes in less than five minutes, or under 15 minutes when including the agitator grid and cut off bar. The vibration system utilizes proven technology: Four servo motors work in two pairs to provide fully independent control of vibration frequency and amplitude. Consistent vibration yields precise, high-quality concrete slabs, brick, standard and architectural block, plus segmental retaining wall units. The Servopac Classic is available in three-, four-, five- or six-at-a-time models. — Besser Co., Alpena, Mich., 989/354-4111, 800/968-0444;