Eagle Builders adds 100 tons’ lifting capacity with twin gantry cranes

Shuttlelift recently delivered a pair of SB50 gantry cranes to Eagle Builders in Blackfalds, Alberta. The 50-ton capacity, Single Beam machines equip plant crews to handle larger and heavier product safely and efficiently, and utilize every square foot of expanded production space.

Over the past decade, Eagle Builders has enjoyed growth across agricultural, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure markets. It has adapted to customer demands for larger product while realizing the need for cranes capable of handling larger and heavier loads. The SB50s are proving to be the ideal solution, Shuttlelift notes, affording the producer 100 tons’ lifting capacity in tandem.

“We started out as a 10,000-sq.-ft. production shop in 2000 and have grown into a 150,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing plant today,” says Eagle Builders Director and Production Manager Kevin Kooiker. “Using our two new SB50s, along with existing Shuttlelift ISL50B (50 metric ton), we are able to increase loading and storage efficiency.”

The SB50 gantry cranes have provided a more cost-effective approach than previous methods used for heavy picks, he adds, noting that savings come by way of reduced time handling product; quicker loading operation; and, virtual elimination of third party crane rentals. These benefits help Eagle Builders serve customers and continue as a Western Canada leader for precast concrete products.

The new cranes have a number of features to maximize efficiencies specific to the producer’s operation, including all-wheel electronic steering; 12V LED lights to keep operations running through the night; automatic variable throttle to reduce fuel consumption; and, remote diagnostic communications to maximize machine uptime.

“We have enjoyed the maneuverability of all-wheel electronic steering on our ISL50B for years and felt this was a must for our new machines,” observes Kooiker. “And with the wireless remote control we are able to reduce the required manpower by allowing the operator to be hands-on and closer to the action and, in turn, make the machine extremely efficient and safe to run.” www.shuttlelift.com; www.eaglebuilders.ca