Besser, ACPA Foundation present first Pipe Scholarship

Besser Co. awarded the inaugural, $2,500 Besser Pipe Industry Scholarship to Joe Pelica, a production team member at Michigan’s Northern Concrete Pipe and part-time Mechanical Engineering Technology student at Delta College, Bay City. Besser Vice President – Pipe & Precast Ryan Suszek announced the recipient last month during the American Concrete Pipe Association Annual Meeting in Hilton Head, S.C.

Besser’s Ryan Suszek (left) and Northern Concrete Pipe’s Joe Pelica.

“Besser Company’s commitment to education spans most of the 113 years we have been in business. We are excited to continue our leadership role in addressing the ongoing need for securing talent for our industry by offering this scholarship,” Suszek told ACPA members. “Based upon the response and need for financial support for students, Besser will be offering the scholarship on an ongoing basis and encourages other companies to show their support as well.”

“The scholarship, established with the ACPA Foundation, was created by the employee-owners of Besser Company in recognition of the American Concrete Pipe Association’s annual National Concrete Pipe week in 2016,” explained Director of Sales – Pipe and Precast Gary Ericson, an ACPA Board Member.

A committee consisting of an ACPA staff member and two directors, plus two Besser representatives, considered the qualifications of all 32 scholarship applicants before selecting Pelica. In his application, he noted, “I firmly believe education as well as a good work ethic are two of the most important things a person can bring to the table in this or any industry.”

“This comment speaks directly to two of the fundamental tenants that have made, and will continue to make, our industry stronger in the future,” affirms Besser CEO Kevin Curtis.

“Besser has been a huge supporter of ACPA from the beginning and we are thrilled to partner with them in helping a worthy student further his education,” noted outgoing ACPA President Matt Childs.

“I am proud to be part of an Association where member companies like Besser invest in the future of employees in our industry who want to pursue higher education,” added his successor, Russell Tripp.


Russell Tripp