NRMCA revises Quality Certification Program

ollowing Research, Engineering and Standards Committee review, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has released version 2 of the Quality Certification program, noting criteria and submission requirements simplified from the charter version.

The certification program is a broad-based audit of a ready mixed concrete producer’s quality plan. It reviews portions of a producer’s Quality Management System, developed and supported by management, and confirms or measures a) a company has competent professionals responsible for quality; b) production facilities and delivery vehicles conforming to industry standards; c) processes for specification review, mixture development and submittal, plus testing and evaluating ingredient materials and concrete mixtures; and, d) the quality system supports continuous improvement.

A company attaining certification can establish itself as a leader and preferred provider in its local market, NRMCA contends. Improved quality can lead to stronger reputation plus increased profitability and sales. The association believes that widespread Quality Certification use will improve confidence in concrete construction; support evolution to performance-based specifications; and, result in saving of time and cost for industry stakeholders.