Cemex Ventures: Connectivity, technologies, urban planning

Sources: Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., Monterrey, Mexico; CP staff

A new Cemex corporate unit will focus on innovation, technology and venture capital as they drive construction industry evolution. Looking beyond core cement, concrete and aggregate businesses, Cemex Ventures will open an inaugural call later this month for startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, and entities exploring new opportunities in:

Urban Development. Understanding, influencing and capitalizing on modern urban or suburban growth planning, building design, and operations management through a) smart cities and sustainable development initiatives; and, b) solving social and informal market issues via modern engagement, incentives, and regulatory change.

Improving Connectivity. Connecting and facilitating coordination among construction ecosystem players through data collection and exchanges; analysis-based technologies; plus, digitally-enabled experiences driving quality, transparency, efficiency, and time to value.

Construction Trends and Technologies. Developing and exploiting the newest and most innovative technologies in construction, from 3D printing and drone-enabled management tools to robotics, and Internet of Things devices to augmented reality.

Reinforcing Project Finance Resources. Piloting and scaling new urban project financing and standards for transparency, four-plus way data matching, and procure to pay and order to cash automation.

“Through its open and flexible model, Cemex Ventures aims to generate insights, nurture ideas, incubate, invest in, and commercialize the most promising solutions, while driving disruptive change in the construction ecosystem and thereby developing new sources of revenue,” says Cemex CEO Fernando Gonzalez. “By engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders, Cemex Ventures will tackle current challenges in the construction environment and shape the industry’s future.” www.cemexventures.com