Small scale filter presses

St Joseph, Minn.-based Pristine Envirnmental’s Mud Hen line of portable filter presses are designed for convenient reliable filtration of concrete slurries. Companies that cut, grind, core, polish, or process concrete, the company notes, find Mud Hen filter presses to be a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

The Mud Hen system comes standard with a 10-ft. hose and an Ingersoll Rand pneumatic pump to suck slurry water out of any container. A standard garden hose connection on the output allows users to reroute water as needed. Cakes can be easily disposed of using optional trays or sludge bags, a wheel barrel or garbage bag/can.

Mud Hens come in four standard sizes, and only need a compressor to operate. The MH Mini is the smallest unit and can process up to 120 gallons of water per hour and hold 1/3 cubic foot of solids before needing to be emptied. The MH4 is the largest of the portable units and can process around 500 gallons of water and hold almost 4 cubic feet of solids.

 Many types of slurry can be processed with the Mud Hen, but it especially suited for concrete polishing, cutting and drilling. Crews simply roll the unit from the trailer into a job site and plug in to an air compressor. The controls allow the customer to start the unit and walk away. When the unit reaches the set pressure on the regulator, it simply shuts off. Once the unit is full, an air blow down feature dries the cakes. The hydraulic jack is released and the cakes are dropped into a container for solid waste disposal. The cleaning process can be accomplished in under five minutes.

 Weekly washing of the filter cloths is recommended for optimal performance. The filter cloths are the only consumable product on the Mud Hen, but can last anywhere from eight months to two years, depending on circumstances. — Pristine Environmental,;