Pre-fabricated liners offer precasters speedy alternative to surface-applied coatings

Precast producers have a new method of protecting concrete water and wastewater structure interior surfaces. Rigid HDPE and PVC liner systems and post production, surface-applied coatings considered standard in the industry are now challenged by XR-QuikLiner, a cast in liner system, according to developer Seaman Corp.

Polypropylene fibers ensure the barrier-to-concrete bond with the cast in XR-Quikliner.


Currently in final testing with several National Precast Concrete Association producers, the prefabricated, flexible PVC/Elvaloy-coated fabric, drop in liner suits grease/oil interceptors, septic tanks, manholes and other components requiring chemical and gas-resistant protection. XR-QuikLiner can also be used on precast exterior surfaces.

The product offers chemical and gas protection via the custom formulated PVC/Elvaloy layer. Bonding to the precast component is achieved by utilizing an integrated polypropylene fiber backing, creating a layer of fiber reinforced concrete that structurally locks the liner in place. The liner’s structural capacity can accommodate (potential) through cracks of precast component walls without loss of functionality.

With the Place, Pour, Perform approach, installation is fast as liners are pre-fabricated for producers’ formwork. Using the XR-QuikLiner will allow a precaster to take an order for a lined structure on one day, and ship it to the jobsite within days of fabrication. Delivery will be faster on products using stock liners. The turnaround with XR-Quikliner compares to the three- to four-week window typical of the cure time and surface preparation surface-applied coatings require, Seamon officials contend.

“We tested the XR-QuikLiner with great results,” affirms E.C.Babbert CEO Chuck Babbert, an NPCA producer in Canal Winchester, Ohio. “Having a product that allows us to get a lined tank onto a customer site three weeks earlier is a definite advantage.”

“We are always looking for new and innovative [liners] that will allow us to provide a better product, faster,” adds Aaron Ausen, vice president of Janesville, Wis.-based Dalmaray Precast. “This liner can do that.”

“We tested the liner in our two-compartment top seam tank,” notes Bartow Precast Operations Manager Josh Gaines. “I vacuum tested the finished tank trying to separate the liner from the tank walls and lid. The fiber reinforced backing held completely. There was no separation anywhere.”

The XR-QuikLiner is expected to be commercially available after its formal debut at the 2017 Precast Show, March 2-4 in Cleveland. Contact: Seaman Corp. Vice President and Senior Applications Engineer Frank Bradenberg, 330/202-4440; [email protected].

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