Carbon black pigments propel surfaces, slabs toward ‘jetness’

Granulated and liquid pigments debuting at World of Concrete 2017 enable producers and contractors to approach jet black in masonry units and cast-in-place or precast concrete surfaces or structures. Orion Engineered Carbons’ Corasol and Derussol agents are based on carbon black, the smudgy film burning candles deposit on container or enclosure walls.

Orion processes Corasol Specialty Carbon Blacks in (clockwise, from top) powder, wet beaded and dry beaded grades. The Corasol and Derussol pigments are dosed at 3-6 percent by weight of cement to yield authentically dark unit masonry or other concrete product or surface. Lower pigment dosages impart gray scales.

“Carbon black is an essential additive for coloring cement, concrete and mortar when high jetness is required,” says Orion Marketing Manager, Coatings & Specialty Applications Dr. Jennifer Granados. “The more commonly used iron oxides are limited in jetness. [We have] designed a product line to specifically address the importance of true black.”

In Las Vegas, the company showcased Corasol 1000, 3222, and 3233 carbon black grades. The dust-free preparations have firm, powder-like consistency for optimum wettability in cement-based mixtures, and are dosed at 3-6 percent by weight of cement. “Corasol pigments are formulated for easier addition to both dry mix or hydrated matrices with reduced dusting compared to pure carbon black,” notes Dr. Granados. “We recommend [them] when maximum jetness is required. Proper dispersion is essential to extract all of the colorant strength of carbon black, yielding a richer and darker black color.”

Also on display at World of Concrete were Orion Derussol Z35 and 345 aqueous speciality carbon black dispersions for use where liquid systems are preferred; Lamp Black 101 beads and powder for relatively coarse primary particle distributions and coloring surfaces for minimal weathering effects; and, Arosperse 15 beads and powder to boost washout stability, key for concrete in outdoor applications. — Orion Engineered Carbons, Kingwood, Texas;