Bekaert fiber distribution device brings ‘Internet of Things’ to mixer chutes

Sources: CP staff; Bekaert, Marietta, Ga.; CP staff

Steel reinforcing fiber leader Bekaert premiered at World of Concrete 2017 a laser-enabled device measuring concrete mixes’ homogeneity and fiber distribution profile. Mounted at the end of a mixer truck chute, the Dramix eyeD generates graphs and limited dashboards that attest targeted reinforcement uniformity.

Free of calibration requirements, device sensors continuously analyze the passing mix. After each truck load, a quality control manager or technician can access a report on any Wi-Fi-powered mobile device, allowing immediate intervention and correction in case of inadequate mix cycle or load inconsistency. Report accuracy eliminates the need for other time-consuming, labor-intensive steel fiber mix quality control measures, chiefly washout tests, Bekaert engineers contend.

The first Dramix eyeD field demonstration is scheduled this spring as part of a steel fiber mix slab placement in the United Kingdom. — Bekaert North America,