Small order belt loader

Developer of a trailer-based ready mixed concrete delivery has added the Mini Belt Loader, which can be assembled in minutes and moved from one location to another with ease. A 7-ft. conveyor rapidly loads dry materials into the mixing drum with the same hydraulic power used in conventional ready mixed concrete production. Once the belt starts, users scoop raw materials onto the belt to fill the drum and are ready to mix concrete.

“With concrete delivery fees high, this combination provides a practical alternative to paying short-load fees,” contends Cart-Away Concrete Systems President Bruce Christensen. The Mini Belt Loader can load several 1.75-yd. MixKing trailers in a day, he adds, and be set up temporarily at a job site or kept assembled for regular trailer loading. Its conveyor is the right height for slinging dry mix off the belt and into the mixing drum, and its fast-moving belt and wing-walls let users dump from larger tractor buckets to accelerate the mixer filling process. Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc., McMinnville, Ore., 855/909-8326 ext. 6;,