SAF-Holland unveils new generation CBX suspension, fifth wheel alignment assist

SAF-Holland previewed late last year two of 16 planned 2017 rollouts across its trailer suspension and axle system, truck suspension, fifth wheel, landing gear, and coupling product lines.

CBX40 AeroBeam is customizable to most on-highway trucks, and becomes a template for other series models suiting additional applications. Options include manual or air assisted slide pin release, autosensing lift axles, P89 Series air disc brakes or drum brakes, and parallel or taper spindles.

The Holland ELI-te system provides drivers simple, immediate and actionable feedback after each coupling. By reinforcing standard inspection procedures, it encourages them to consistently and independently recognize and resolve serious hazards.

The next generation of the CBX Series lineup, the CBX40 AeroBeam Sliding Tandem Axle Air Suspension, is presented as the lightest model of its kind, providing the optimal balance of strength and weight. “The CBX40 AeroBeam is evolutionary for weight reduction,” says SAF-Holland Vice President of Sales and Strategic Development, Americas Jeff Talaga. “We offer the AeroBeam as part of our promise to contribute to customers’ success, providing solutions that maximize fleet efficiency and safety.”

The suspension has a base weight of 1,267 lbs., 85 lbs. lighter overall than the previous generation CBX40 and 27 lbs. lighter then the nearest competitive slider suspension. Per Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 guidelines, the 85-lb. savings will reduce a truck’s GHG emissions by 1,250 lbs. over 10 years.

CBX40 AeroBeam strength owes to an 80-ksi steel sub-frame with four full-height cross members. Sixteen strategically placed reinforcements improve resistance to damage caused by curb strikes, slider repositioning, and drag turns. Friction-welded axles of 5.75-in. diameter are 12 percent thicker than competitive models, minimizing axle deflection to improve inside tire tread wear. Heat-treated cast alloy suspension beams achieve an optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

Relocated shock absorbers provide more sub-frame room for air tanks, brake valves, tire inflation systems, and ABS modules. Combined with the streamlined AeroBeam design, the CBX40 facilitates under chassis airflow. Like all SAF suspension systems, it is coated with Black Armour, which provides hot dip galvanized level protection at lower cost and net weight.


A new automatic lighting system is at the heart of the Electronic Lock Indicator technology enhanced, ELI-te Fifth Wheel Coupling Assistant—available as an integrated option on Holland FW35 Series Fifth Wheels. A long-life, application-specific electronic control module is mounted directly to the fifth wheel top plate, and features electrical output capability to support connection with remote indicators.

When a trailer kingpin is properly coupled to an ELI-te equipped fifth wheel, four high-intensity white LED lights mounted within the component automatically illuminate the lock jaws. This assists drivers’ visual safety inspection by directing their attention to the critical connection between the lock jaws and kingpin. If a coupling problem is detected, daytime-visible red LED lights flash from both sides of the fifth wheel indicating the vehicle is not ready for motion.

Industry-proven sensors and shatter-proof lamp modules are combined with the ELI-te’s sealed, one-piece electrical harness, a one-connector assembly that requires only a low-current connection to the vehicle power. For converter dolly applications, the electrical connection is designed to be compatible with ABS status signals. — SAF-Holland,