Digital moisture sensor

The sand- and granular products-suited AquaSense has new electronics in an extra-rugged stainless steel and ceramic body, along with internal firmware and a Windows app for setup and calibration. The digital RS485 communication interface can handle up to 10 sensors daisy-chained on the same cable using protocol compatible with most batch controllers; a USB converter allows connection to all types of hardware.

AquaSense and the AquaMix concrete mixer sensor share the same software and electronic hardware, which includes advanced digital filtering to stabilize the readings; material calibration profiles; temperature measurement; plus, bin low, and low or high moisture alarm outputs. A Windows graphic setup and calibration package displays calibration points on a graph to allow users to view and eliminate the readings with the greatest error. The new software is programmed to automatically detect all sensors to make setup and calibration a simple, straightforward process. It also has an oven-dry test calculator and an on-line user manual for instant tuition — Scale-Tron Inc., 800/632-7083 ext. 223;