Footed load cells

Equipped with adjustable rubber feet, company’s footed load cells are used for platform scales, tank weighing, hoppers, and conveyor systems. Captive load pin designs provide a high degree of structural integrity, engineers note, and make the devices flexible for a wide variety of installations.

The manufacturer has added three models: the 500–5,000-lb. capacity HI SBHC14 and HI SBHF14 with a threaded captive load or blind hold pin design, plus the 22–1,100-lb. capacity HI HBB01 with threaded captive load pin. Supports are designed to prevent unwanted forces from affecting load cell performance. In addition, threaded designs eliminate the potential for lift-off from the foot. A height adjustable, self-aligning rubber foot eases load leveling. Alternatively, a rocker pin design provides an additional degree of accuracy by accommodating off-center loading. The rocking action helps prevent unwanted mechanical binding or torsional forces from affecting load cell performance. Hardy Process Solutions, San Diego, 858/278-2900;