Acrylic concrete, block wall coatings

Elastocolor is company’s latest Concrete Restoration Systems category extension, encompassing professional, ready-to-use, water-based, 100-percent acrylic formulations for above-grade exterior/interior concrete, masonry, and exterior insulation and finish systems.

Elastocolor Flex, Coat and Paint provide decorative and protective finishes for building facades and above-grade, vertical structures. Each coating has been subjected to an array of ASTM tests and validated by an independent laboratory; all three surpassed 10,000 hours on the D6695 Xenon Arc Exposure test.

Elastocolor Flex is an elastomeric waterproof coating exhibiting elongation across a broad temperature range. Coating integrity is maintained over dynamic cracks in the substrate due to the product’s crack-bridging properties. Available in smooth and fine textures for blending options on repair areas.

Elastocolor Coat is a high-build, breathable coating offering abrasion resistance plus long-term protection against severe weather conditions and harmful effects of chloride or carbon dioxide exposure. Available in smooth and fine textures.


A South Florida project typifies the Elastocolor range: Due to Blue Lagoon Lake and Miami International Airport proximity, the effects of carbon dioxide, airborne pollutants and salt-laden air on the Blue Lagoon Condominiums’ 320,000-sq.-ft. façade can be aggressive. Elastocolor Coat, custom matched in an off-white, blue and gray color scheme, has proved an effective barrier against the development’s chemical exposure and wind-driven rain.

Elastocolor Paint is formulated for jobsites where more economical coatings may be required. It offers good coverage rates and hiding power for recoating projects, and is available in standard and custom colors. An additional Elastocolor product, Primer WB, is a fast-drying, clear sealer that promotes adhesion on porous, dusting and new substrates. Mapei Americas, 800/426-2734;