O&G Industries adopts video-based SmartDrive safety program

Driver performance solutions provider SmartDrive Systems is equipping the 225-vehicle fleet of O&G Industries, Connecticut’s largest privately-held construction company and ENR 400 contractor, with its namesake video-based safety program. SmartDrive is billed as the industry’s only multi-tiered offering that identifies unsafe driving with an extensible platform, integrating video, vehicle data, audio and driving data. The SmartDrive 360 solution affords up to a four-camera view of the vehicle and insight on the most frequent causes of collisions—U-turns, backing up, unintended lane changes, roll-overs and close following—delivering what company officials contend is “an unprecedented level of coverage and complete visibility to risk.”

Forty-five O&G mixers will have SmartDrive 360 integrated with existing rear vision cameras. The producer selected the platform for its ability to provide management with accurate operational and safety metrics related to collisions and incidents; deliver robust video telematics data; and, immediate offload and access video. The safety program has helped widen O&G management’s field of view, providing the “driver’s perspective” of what is happening on the road plus job sites’ challenging conditions. By delivering an integrated video view of driver performance, vehicle telematics and driving environment, SmartDrive nets a complete picture of safety and operational situations.

One of the unexpected outcomes of pilot system installations was a strengthening of the relationships between drivers, management and executives. With long-tenured driver employees, some of whom spend their entire career with O&G, such level of cultural improvement was a significant plus. O&G attributes the positive, rapid deployment to SmartDrive’s onboarding program and customer success team. Leveraging the firm’s experience rolling out video-based safety measures, the producer began with engaging drivers well before installation. By addressing their concerns with the technology early on, O&G separated fact from fiction, setting the stage of launch success. Pilot vehicle installations also demonstrated the value of a managed service program with a fair and consistent video review process conducted by driving experts. O&G will use the safety program, plus SmartDrive performance metrics and key performance indicators, as core components of a new driver incentive program.

Smart iia“SmartDrive made an immediate impact on our fleet safety—identifying risky driving while also highlighting the many positive examples of our professional drivers avoiding dangerous, distracted or aggressive motorists. The ability to integrate to our back-up cameras extended our technology investment,” says O&G Vice President T.J. Oneglia.

“The positive effect that SmartDrive and the addition of video have had on our company culture come as an added bonus. Initially, we assumed the benefits would be limited to video and the associated data,” adds Corporate Safety Director Mike Ferry. “However, the level of engagement as a result of the open communication and focused coaching sessions has generated a positive shift that we will continue to cultivate.”

“O&G is a perfect example of how even the safest fleets can benefit from video. Not only can it improve safety, but it can provide a new engagement platform to enhance driver and management relationships across the company,” affirms SmartDrive CEO Steve Mitgang. “By having information at the right time, with an integrated view of performance and insightful data and metrics, fleets can make breakthrough performance gains.” SmartDrive Systems, Inc., San Diego, 858/225-5550, 866/447-5650; www.smartdrive.net


The video-based SmartDrive 360 safety system supports O&G Industries’ risk reduction efforts, while opening new lines of driver and manager communication. A benchmark performance report (above) details fleet operating trends, along with such observations as drivers’ exceeding maximum fleet; following vehicles too closely; mobile phone usage while driving; and, failure to fasten seat belts.