Fixed, portable aggregate moisture sensors suit batch plants, field testing

The SonoVario-Xtrem sensor measures on-line moisture of aggregates up to 1-1/4-in. with accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Cable Radar technology, positioning the sensor in direct contact with material being measured, allows installation under hopper gates to log each batch’s sand and stone moisture. Sono-Vario-Xtrem sensors are delivered with 15 pre-installed, linear material calibrations for all standard construction materials. Free interface software supports calibration and simulation of the analog interface integration, plus setting and parameter adjustment. An auto-zero function keeps moisture readings accurate over the long term, even with highly abrasive limestone.

Cable Radar technology equips the SonoVario-Xtrem for direct contact with sand, gravel and stone from bins.

The portable HD2-Kit likewise provides accurate moisture values of sand, gravel and crushed stone to 1-1/4 in. A keypad enables users to select one of the 15 material calibrations, listed by aggregate type, density or product size. Moisture measurements are obtained by inserting Sono-M1 probe rods into the aggregate, with results presented in seconds on the LCD display. The HD2-Kit can be customer calibrated using two reference samples of specific aggregates. With the device’s 1-liter measurement volume and averaging function, users can quickly determine the moisture at any time. Like the SonoVario-Xtrem, the HD2-Kit is equipped with Cable Radar, where direct contact allows for simple linear material calibrations and high repeatability. — Mesa Systems Co., Stonington, Conn., 508/655-6372;


Kits encompass the HD2 meter, Sono-M1 probe, carrying case, spare probe rods plus accessories.