Masonry Institute’s Wall Systems Library augments BIM-M

Source: International Masonry Institute, Bowie, Md.

On behalf of the Building Information for Masonry Initiative (BIM-M), IMI is preparing the Wall Systems Library (WSL) for January launch. Based on SketchUp and its companion LayOut program, WSL will benefit architects, engineers and contractors as it presents design and construction options in a systematic way and simplifies decision making.

SketchUp Layers and Scenes features quickly generate layout files depicting countless unique masonry walls. WSL will organize hundreds of building possibilities in a simple format, each categorized by structure, sheathing, air/moisture barrier, insulation, drainage mechanism, anchorage, and cladding material sub-assemblies. Wall names and numbers will follow IMI Masonry Detailing Series conventions.

WSL arrives on the heels of BIM-M’s Masonry Content Pack for Autodesk Revit software, whose plug in and library place block and brick information at design teams’ fingertips. Masonry content can be added to existing libraries or accessed through a free plug in that provides a visual browser and drag and drop capabilities into the model. WSL wall assemblies will be included in future updates. —