Vacuum devices best hooks, slings and chains for up to 22-ton loads

Manufacturer has tailored hydraulic- and diesel-powered vacuum lifting devices for product or structure handling at construction sites and precast or concrete pipe plants. All systems feature wireless remote operation and 360-deg. rotation to position loads without a tag line operator. They offer an alternative to hook, sling or chain handling, and help limit the number of crew members in a load’s path.

“H” models work with the company’s MC 5 and RC 10 Series vacuum lifting systems, tapping loader, excavator, backhoe or other host machine hydraulics. The MC and RC systems have 11,000-lb. and 22,000–44,000-lb. capacities, respectively. The HL Series Barrier Lifter is available in B1 and B2 models of 6,000- and 12,000-lb. capacity, and dimensions of about 24-in. square and 96- x 24-in., respectively. The HL B2 can handle barriers up to 30 ft. long.

The RC Series lifters feature four models: 10/10H, 22,000 lbs.; RC 12/12H, 24,600 lbs.; RC 16/16H, 35,200 lbs.; and, RC20/20H, 44,000 lbs. All are 103-in. long x 77-in. high, 21-in. wide. and weigh 2,132 lbs. With a 16,500-lb. capacity, Octapad is a slab-lifting device compatible with the RC Series lifters, and consisting of eight 18- x 24-in. flat pads with individual vacuum valves. The devices are equipped with company’s proprietary Tough Seal gaskets, replacements for which are available in 50-ft. lengths. — Vacuworx, Tulsa, Okla., 918/259-3050;

Baseline RC system with Tough Seal gasket
Octapad with standard RC Series lifting system.