Stone adhesive goes vertical

Vertical Instant Lock is designed to securely affix stone and other hardscape materials to vertical surfaces in under five seconds. For many projects, product developers note, it can eliminate the need for bracing and mortar.

“When it comes to vertical applications, Vertical Instant Lock outperforms polyurethane- and silicone-based adhesive products,” contends SRW Products CEO David Orton. “This is a game changer for contractors and home owners because there are not any other adhesives available that are designed specifically for vertical installations. We’ve put Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive to the test, securing stone pavers as heavy as 25 pounds to a wall. Our customers who have seen this product in action have been quite impressed with how quickly a secure bond forms even with fairly heavy stone.”

Application of stone, block, brick, tile, metal, glass and wood can be completed quickly and easily, he adds, without the mess and hassle that are usually involved with vertical surfaces and conditions. SRW Products, Princeton, Minn.,