Onsite wastewater treatment spurs opportunities for precasters

Cast across North America by local precasters, and integrated into standard size septic tanks, Premier Tech Aqua’s Ecoflo Coco Biofilter is widely recognized as an ecological and durable compact filter for onsite wastewater treatment systems. By combining their concrete fabrication expertise with Ecoflo developer Premier Tech, precast producers have gained a stronger foothold in the residential market by giving a new purpose to their existing tanks. Compact, easy-to-install and lift, the filter’s modular design can also be scaled to fit most types of commercial applications.

Refined over the last 20 years by a research & development team keen on small flow wastewater treatment, Ecoflo offers a 40 percent increase in treatment capacity owing to an innovative, 100-percent natural coco husk fragment-based filtering media—a coco process byproduct. At the end of its service life, the filter can be recycled as a nutrient-rich soil amendment prized by agricultural professionals.

With a strong system base of 170,000 individual home systems and the protection of a 10-year warranty on the treatment performances, Premier Tech officials present Ecoflo as the most recommended and installed compact filter for precast concrete septic tank. — Premier Tech Aqua, Quebec, 604/346-8199; www.premiertech.com; www.ecoflobiofilter.com

Concrete model of Ecoflo Coco Filter from Premier Tech Aqua.