CEI demonstrates aggregate blend-optimizing plant technology

CEI Enterprises has begun showing customers and prospects the first working model of its Fusion transit mixed plant, staged at its Albuquerque headquarters.

The company dubs the model a “Hybrid Process Ready Mix Plant,” leveraging precision aggregate-blending technology for asphalt production, and combining it with established cement and water metering methods.

The Fusion delivers aggregate blends yielding finished concrete with fewer voids than conventional batching equipment, CEI engineers note. Void reduction spells production of high-quality concrete using proportionately less cement than older methods, they add. The core of the Fusion plant is the aggregate blending unit: A series of in-line bins bearing multiple grades plus sand. Each bin releases to a dedicated feed conveyor fitted with its own belt scale, which provides precision sand, gravel and stone metering. Each feed conveyor discharges onto a collecting conveyor below. Aggregates are blended in layers and fed directly into the mixer.

The demonstration plant features a three-bin blending unit; CEI projects that it and four-bin model will be the most common configuration for ready mixed and portable concrete plants. Additional bins can be added to existing ones, allowing for considerable expansion of mix variety. — CEI Sales Department, 800/545-4034; www.ceienterprises.com

CEI is demonstrating the Hybrid Process Ready Mix Plant, aka Fusion, at its New Mexico manufacturing facility.