Licensed system brings precast efficiency to light pole bases, foundations

Mindful of general and electrical contractors seeking alternatives to cast-in-place lighting structure foundations, Redi-Rock International—developer of namesake and Rosetta Hardscapes structural or decorative earth-retaining block—has introduced Pole Base. The precast units are typically 2-ft. in diameter and 3- to 4-ft. high, with up to 12 feet of additional structure below grade; reinforced with four #5 vertical and #3 round tie steel bars; and, fabricated with four galvanized anchor rods plus four PVC electrical conduits for light pole mounting and wiring.

The Pole Base is simple to design and install, and especially well received by electrical contractors, as it arrives at the site ready to bear lighting, Redi-Rock engineers note. Site lighting foundation aspects, they add, are especially project specific: different bolt patterns, conduit configurations, heights and diameters. Each of those specs is readily addressed in a precast concrete plant. Pole Base producers/licensees acquire forms and designated market territories, while Redi-Rock staff provides marketing resources plus production and engineering support. — Pole Base/Redi-Rock International LLC, Charlevoix, Mich.; 231/330-5537;

Pole Base structures are cast in standard smooth or ledge stone finishes. Producers/licensees have many finishes and colors to promote, along with custom reinforcement, electrical conduit and anchor rod configurations.