Real estate data miner: Concrete furnishings top outdoor décor trends

Concrete coffee tables, cast from conventional or resin-bound mixes, along with teak furniture and bright, aquamarine colors factor prominently in summer 2016 outdoor living, according to the latest Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast. The report combines data from a survey of design experts and an analysis of popular photos on the Zillow Digs site.

“Clean, simple and contemporary is the vibe for outdoor living in 2016,” says Zillow Digs Home Design Expert Kerrie Kelly. “Anything high-maintenance, intricate or over-styled will be replaced with materials that can both withstand the elements and transition between seasons. Natural wood outdoor furniture will take center stage, but will be modernized by concrete or stainless steel accent materials, which will pop up in anything from chair legs to coffee table tops.”

Designers predict elements of concrete to surface in a range of applications, from coffee tables to tastefully stamped patio floors, she adds, noting how “homeowners will gravitate toward the material’s sleek, contemporary vibe and all-weather functionality.”

Among “Fads to Forget” this summer, the Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast lists wrought iron furniture, high-maintenance lawns and floral patterns. Zillow Digs is a hub for home improvement and design inspiration and harbors a gallery of 3 million interior and exterior home décor images. It is part of the Seattle-based Zillow Group, anchored by the namesake residential real estate and rental marketplace.