Dayton Superior tools next generation panel-to-structure connection

Engineered to economize connection of precast wall panels to the building framework, the P39 Corewall Generation III Precast Insert is available in 2.5-, 3.5- or 4.5-in. depths and standard 6-in. lengths. It can be used without rebar; with two horizontal bars if increased load capacity is required; or, with two horizontal bars and additional bent bar if the inserts are installed close to panel edges or corners.

Compared to prior hardware offerings, product engineers note, the Corewall is equipped to create a higher load capacity, ease installation and reduce erection costs. Fabricated from an engineered grade of polymer material, equal to 0° to 140°F temperature exposure, the P39 uses heavy-duty, electro-galvanized ¾-in.–١0 NC threaded nuts to expedite panel-to-structure connections. Without additional reinforcing steel, the insert’s minimum edge distance is 12 inches. The P39 lid peels away for easy installation of the companion PL34L Strap Anchor, which engages the Corewal steel T-nut. The P34L are supplied with jam nut and flat washer to resist compression forces. — Dayton Superior Corp.,