ACI report covers insulating concrete form practice, system variety

Sources: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff

The new ACI560R-16 Report on Design and Construction with Insulating Concrete Forms is a comprehensive introduction to ICF wall practice. In spite of their simplicity, authors note, such systems are based on extensive research and continue to evolve with changes in technology.

“The goal of this guide is to give a general overview of ICF technology, different types of ICF, structural considerations for walls to be built with ICF, and key aspects of constructing ICF walls,” says ACI Committee 560 Robert Sculthorpe. “This document should be an important information reference for professional designers and contractors looking to increase their familiarity with ICF technology.”

Because there are many proprietary systems, and building codes do not offer general guidance about ICF construction, the report provides background information for designing and building structures with the foam forms. Authors supplement manufacturer information with general insight applying to most ICF systems.

The most widely used ICF are block shapes stacked in an interlocking fashion to create stable, reinforced concrete wall formwork. Due to manufactured form systems’ variability, the report does not attempt to address every ICF type, but provides a commentary on those systems most prevalent in the market, and insight on design and construction. — ACI Bookstore, 248/848-3700;