Stabil Concrete applies fabrication competencies to exterior, interior GFRC brands

Sources: Stabil Concrete Products LLC, St. Petersburg, Fla.; CP staff

Architectural precaster Stabil Concrete has announced separately branded glass fiber reinforced concrete products: a namesake line for exterior cladding and Osso Concrete Design for interior applications.

Commercial construction-grade Stabil GFRC exhibits greater flexural and impact strength than traditional concrete, and incorporates glass fibers with tensile strengths exceeding those of steel. Considerably lighter than standard precast, the GFRC elements are well suited to architectural cladding and conditions warranting intricate ornamental detail.

“[They] can be fabricated into nearly any shape, color or texture, which means the design potential of the products is almost limitless,” says Stabil Concrete President H. Del Hight. The company will target hotel, condominium, hospital and medical center, school and university, office building, retail center, and government facility contracts, he adds.

The producer’s second new brand suits commercial and residential projects. Osso GFRC can be finished with almost any texture imaginable, matched to nearly any color, and fabricated into practically any shape or furnishing, including countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fire pits, planters, and tiles. Italian for “bone,” Osso plays off the concept of calcium as the magic element in concrete.