SEFA Group starts fly ash processing at western Pennsylvania station

Sources: SEFA Group, Lexington, S.C.; CP staff

Looking north and west from its Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland base, SEFA Group is marketing the first recycled fly ash from the Keystone Generating Station in Armstrong County, Pa., near Pittsburgh. Under a multiyear arrangement with Keystone-Conemaugh Projects, the company engineered and constructed a facility to load and transport ASTM C618-grade fly ash and began deliveries in June.

“We are now able to support the ready mixed concrete and concrete products industries in Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia,” says SEFA Vice President of Fly Ash Sales and Marketing Bert Nunn. “Fly ash is important to these industries because it improves the performance characteristics and reduces the environmental footprint of concrete as a finished product.”

“We’re pleased to be recycling this byproduct as an environmentally-beneficial material in concrete construction, and making a positive impact for future generations,” adds Keystone-Conemaugh COO Dave Benson.