Fiber cement, roof tile, prestressed lead concrete products in 2015 market gains

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill.; CP staff

PCA’s new “Survey of Portland Cement Consumption by User Group” underscores mixed year-over-year results among 16 U.S. market or product segments: Nine recorded growth, seven saw reduced volume in 2015 versus the prior year. Those gaining at least 20 percent were, in descending order, waste stabilization & solidification; fiber cement siding; concrete roof tile; soil cement, roller compacted concrete or full-depth reclamation/pavements; precast/prestressed concrete; and, soil cement or roller compacted concrete/water resources structures.

“Survey of Consumption” indicates limited increases or decreases, or flat conditions in 2015 ready mixed concrete, concrete pipe, block & paver, and packaged dry mix volume as measured against 2014 figures. Oil & gas well drilling and street and highway construction segments fared the worst in 2015 compared to prior year activity. Additional information on the survey can be obtained from PCA Senior Analyst Brian Schmidt, [email protected].

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