Bank vault-grade wall, roof equip data center for 360 mph winds

Sources: Ascent LLC, St. Louis; CP staff

A builder and operator of highly secure data centers is promoting its latest facility on the strength of mass, reinforced concrete: 15-in. walls and a 13.5-in. roof enclosing 42,600 sq. ft. of space. Dubbed DAL1 for its Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex proximity, the new Plano, Texas, facility is built to withstand exposure to 360 mph winds, well above the National Weather Service’s 200-mph threshold for (Enhanced Fujita Scale) EF5 tornadoes.

“Texas has been hit hard with severe weather, including heavy rainstorms, hail and tornadoes recently. This is the perfect time for us to bring our enterprise class hardened facility to the market, which, with its EF5 [rating], is much more secure and reliable than standard facilities,” says Ascent CEO Phil Horstmann. “Dallas is a premier data center market and our hardened facility offers a different type of product suited as a primary site for enterprise end-users as well as businesses seeking disaster recovery and continuity solutions.”