Veneer drainage, lath system

LathNet suits thin brick, stone, stucco, and other types of adhered masonry. Using tried-and-true materials familiar to adhered-masonry installers, product developers note, the patented system provides a faster, easier installation method than securing lath and drainage mesh separately.

Assembled in Indiana from 100-percent USA-made materials, LathNet can be attached with staples, nails or screws; affords full lath encapsulation without clogging the drainage plane; positions drainage mesh to act as a mortar barrier to prevent bridging; and, fosters unrestricted air and moisture flow behind the lath to help promote rapid draining and drying.

“Masonry professionals know moisture is the number one cause of masonry wall failures and the damage those failures can do to their reputations,” says MortarNet Solutions Marketing Manager Art Fox. “LathNet is the first product of its kind to reduce designer and contractor risk by combating moisture issues in adhered-masonry walls with a solution that’s easy-to-use and highly effective, plus it can significantly reduce installation costs compared to using separate components.”

LathNet features include a factory-assembled combination of self-furring, 2.5-lb. G-60 galvanized expanded steel metal lath and 90 percent open weave polyester drainage mesh. It is available in nominal 27- x 97-in. panels covering approximately 17.3 sq. ft. Options include 3.4-lb., self-furring dimpled steel mesh and 0.4-in. (10 mm) thick drainage mesh. MortarNet Solutions, Burns Harbor, Ind.;