Hoist drum brake

SureStop Drum Brake affords EMH Wire Rope Hoist users an optional failsafe safety device that stops loads when monitored parameters exceed safe operating condition limits. Over-speed, load-slip at standstill, and sheared shaft conditions are all continuously monitored.

An emergency device that prevents uncontrolled lowering of the load in the event of a failure, SureStop can be configured as a second mechanical brake; however, it is not intended for use as a service brake. It offers users an additional failsafe device for the motor service brake, drive transmission or drum brake components. SureStop especially suits critical lifts or other conditions where equipment failure would lead to great damage.

SureStop Drum is designed for optimal performance in temperatures ranging from 35°F to 125°F, but can handle a wide range of harsh and severe temperature extremes, just as long as the mechanism is secured within an enclosure. The drum brake combines an encoder, ratchet/pawl mechanism and electrical over-speed system control. When activated, it mechanically locks any lowering motion and electrically prevents hoisting, which means that the hoist is totally disabled. — Engineered Material Handling, Valley City, Ohio, 330/220-8600, Ext. 225; www.emhcranes.com